Covid-19: How to reduce the risk of employers' liability claims

As the UK gradually moves towards the 'new normal', it is inevitable and understandable that employers will now be focusing on implementing the necessary changes to their working practices, allowing them to operate not only safely but also profitably. Business owners and, indeed, their insurers will also have in mind the risk of claims if employees develop Covid-19.

Whilst it is fair to surmise that any claim presented on the basis of the employer’s negligence would be difficult to prove when we are dealing with a pandemic expected to touch the lives of a significant proportion of the population, it is still important that businesses address both the direct and indirect risks which the pandemic has presented.

This content sets out a number of considerations which employers should bear in mind in order to minimise the risk of a claim being made, or at least provide the basis of a defence if one is made.

Topics covered:
• Following advice.
• Risk assessments.
• General principles.