Managing claims surges in the digital age

Claims surges have been a frequent occurrence in recent years as events around the globe have hit insurers across multiple lines of business. The past year has seen Australian bush fires, the collapse of Thomas Cook, storms Ciara and Dennis and now the Covid-19 outbreak. Storms Ciara and Dennis caused an estimated £363m worth of damage in the UK, with insurance contact centres inundated with a spike in claims instructions as a result.

As a consequence the insurance industry must be prepared for both feast and famine. However, it is simply uneconomical to employ people for 365 days a year to handle seasonal claims spikes.

Insurers are increasingly looking at how they can make better use of technology to complement their frontline claims staff in times of a surge – to make sure that service remains consistent, settlement times do not suffer and legitimate claims are paid as promptly as possible.

Produced by Blue Prism and Insurance Post, this whitepaper focuses on how insurers can manage claims surges in the digital age and the specific technologies which can be used alongside human skills and necessary personal interactions.

Topics covered:
• How shared technologies are ensuring the continuation of client interaction and servicing of losses.
• Leveraging artificial intelligence and RPA.
• Tools to help reduce the claims life cycle and improve service levels.
• Using automation to support claims handlers.