How customer data can be better leveraged by insurers and brokers

One of the biggest issues facing insurers and brokers is how customer data can be better leveraged. This is now increasingly becoming a major topic for boards and there is a pressing demand to find solutions.

This issue is now a crucial addition to the core business strategies of managing risk, achieving compliance and maximising revenue. There is no doubt that insurers and brokers have been well aware that data is business critical - but the challenge has been in finding the route to unlocking its riches.

Based on research conducted by Post in association with Visionware, this whitepaper focuses on how insurers and brokers can make better use of policyholder insights to achieve a single customer view and improve cross-selling.

Topics covered:
• How can insurers and brokers improve cross-selling capabilities?
• Increasing the policy count - Why insurers and brokers are missing out.
• Barriers to achieving a single customer view.
• Making the most of in-house data.
• Optimising the marketing budget.
• Advantages of achieving a single customer view.