Business continuity planning: Q&A with Ravenhall Risk Solutions

With global attention on the Covid-19 outbreak, each day brings more uncertainty for businesses and communities. Instituting a business continuity plan (BCP) potentially minimises the negative impact to a business by supporting its operational agility and financial stability during an unexpected and often uncontrollable event.

To discuss his business’s BCP, Applied sat down with James Daly, director of Ravenhall Risk solutions, for insight that can help brokers continue to operate efficiently during an emergency to reduce loss and mitigate business risk.

Download this Ravenhall Q&A to understand:
• The fundamentals of a business continuity plan (BCP).
• Why a BCP is crucial for brokers to have in place.
• How UK broker Ravenhall Risk Solution has successfully navigated the BCP process to ensure continued operation of their business.