Webinar: Diversity and inclusion within insurance - why it matters and how it can improve your business

Produced by the CII and Insurance Post, this webinar promotes diversity and inclusion across the insurance industry from brokers through to services providers. The panelists look at what can be done to break down barriers to make the sector more inclusive.

The panelists discuss whether the industry does in fact have a problem with diversity, and how this problem could be tackled. Discover why these factors are so important in the industry, and the benefits which will be seen across the board with successful implementation.

Topics covered include:
• Why our profession needs to take action and the dividends it can result in.
• How to start the conversation within an organisation and get it on the agenda.
• Different routes to diversity & inclusion success including sponsoring, mentoring, events, internal networks of like-minded people and the benefits of each.
• The reputational risk if the profession fails to take diversity & inclusion seriously.
• Where insurance is compared to other industries and what progress is being made.