Machine learning in financial services: Changing the rules of the game

The technology buzzwords that we increasingly come across in the media and everywhere else are artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and how they will change our lives and businesses in a way that we cannot yet imagine. If you look at the latest study by Accenture Research, “How AI Boosts Industry Profits and Innovation,” it shows the significant impact AI will have on industries, economic growth, and productivity.

With the explosion of big data, it becomes a must for companies to take advantage of information by using sophisticated machine learning algorithms to find ways to gain a competitive advantage. Businesses that do not embrace AI and machine learning to learn from the data “experience” will lose out to competitors large and small that do take advantage of the many advantages that the technologies offer.

In this whitepaper, global fintech and insurtech influencer, Spiros Margaris focuses on how machine learning is reshaping the industry.

Topics covered:
• What is machine learning?
• Opportunities.
• Financial services use cases.
• Insurance use cases.
• Challenges.
• Outlook.