Digital attacker: A blueprint for insurers

Insurance is quickly transforming into a digital- and data-driven business. In parallel, InsurTech competitors are flooding into the market. How should insurers compete in this environment?

In this document, we outline the "Digital attacker" strategy, in which the insurer combines the agility and disruptive thinking of InsurTech startups with its own strengths of capital, brand, and technical expertise. We lay out a step-by-step blueprint for winning in insurance markets by using this model.

Topics covered:
• The shift of insurance to the digital and data economy.
• The InsurTech gold rush.
• Strategic options for insurers.
• Digital attacker: An approach to "disrupting in" before getting disrupted.
• Case example one: MetLife.
• Case example two: Trov/Suncorp.
• A blueprint for insurers.
• How to Start the journey.