Blog post: Digital initiatives shouldn't always start with the customer

When you think of digital transformation, it's tempting to only rework your customer-facing systems. But if you don't upgrade your back-end systems as well, your approach will fall short.

When a company considers the adoption of digital technology, the first place they often look is their customers’ experience at every touchpoint—on what’s visible and perceptible. “What would be the impact of transforming the customer journey using personalised content and laser guided omni-channel contact to drive successful outcomes and customer delight?”

Nothing wrong with that at all. The only problem is that this customer first view of digital tech adoption almost always comes at the exclusion of mid and back-office functions. Functions that could benefit just as much, if not more, from the application of 21st-century digital platforms, tools and technologies to 20th century customer-last systems.

This blog post highlights the importance of aligning back-end systems with customer-facing systems to ensure success and the value of implementing complex rules via a digital rules engine.