Video: Cyber today - cyber tomorrow

Having determined the existing threats and information gaps in cyber, our final panel will bring our speakers together to determine how to future-proof your cyber strategy and ensure that you are equipped to deliver for your customers moving forward.

Topics covered:
• What does acquiring knowledge in cyber look like for us as brokers, and how can we make sure we are accessing all the information we need?
• Making sure information is being shared with partners and insurers for mutual benefit.
• What skillsets do we need to be looking for in the partners we work with an experts we recruit; how many cyber experts are there out there, and what impact do the right partners and staff have in times of cyber crisis?
• Should staff training in cyber-attack be mandatory for all employees?
• What is the best piece of advice you could give to your clients to help them prepare for a cyber event before it happens?

• Emmanuel Kenning, Reporter, Insurance Age.

• Richard Hodson, Director, UK Global Group.
• Ian Bird, Director, Solutions Architects Europe, Middle East & Africa, Cyence.
• Danielle Meldrum, Head of Product Development, Commercial Lines UKGI, Aviva.