Moving beyond the RPA pilot stage: How P&C insurers can operationalise automation

The P&C insurance industry has tapped robotics process automation (RPA) to increase the accuracy, speed, security, quality and cost efficiency of their operations. A recent survey conducted by EXL and Everest showed that 80% of P&C insurers were piloting or scaling RPA programs.

However, many insurers struggle to advance their RPA pilots into full-scale adoption and implementation of RPA. Problems such as a lack of stakeholder buy-in, organisational silos and misalignment with IT teams can prevent a company from expanding its robotics programs. Without a clear, precise strategy, insurers will be unable to move past their initial RPA implementations.

This paper provides advice to insurers on how to operationalise RPA and capitalise on the ability of automation to improve business operations.

Topics covered:
• Creating an RPA roadmap.
• Instituting clear guidance.
• Incremental expansion based on results.
• FNOL claims case study.