Belt & Road: How risk managers can use global programmes in a transforming region?

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The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is an ambitious infrastructure development strategy announced by the Chinese government. The initiative will cover more than 70 countries and is expected to cost about US$1 trillion. Chinese companies are believed to have secured construction contracts worth more than US$340 billion and the Chinese Government has invested more than US$210 billion so far. The sheer size of this project means that impact of the BRI will go far beyond those companies directly involved.

Shiwei Jin, Global Program & Captive Regional Director, Asia, at AXA XL in Hong Kong, explains how clients are exploring the use of captive structures and global programs to help them manage the risk of the initiative, whether they are directly involved or not.

Topics covered:
• What impact is the BRI having on risk management and risk transfer strategies?
• What sorts of risks do clients involved in the BRI need to consider?
• What about China-based companies?
• If companies are not involved in BRI projects, how will the initiative affect them and their risk mitigation?