2021 cyber risk outlook

In 2020, the global pandemic created near-perfect conditions for cybercriminals and, unsurprisingly, we have witnessed a sharp spike in cybercrime.

FBI cybercrime reports quadrupled during the first phase of the pandemic; phishing attacks spiked 350% as global lockdowns resulted in more people working from home; and Google continues to block millions of coronavirus related scam emails each day. Attackers have used increasingly sophisticated and agile tactics to exploit the pandemic by targeting individuals, businesses, hospitals, and schools.

But what is driving these statistics, and what are the implications for cyber insurers in 2021?

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Topics covered:
• 2020 cyber risk trends.
• Ransomware.
• Cyber insurance demand grows while loss ratios climb.
• 2021 predictions and what they mean for insurers.
• Why 2021 may see the market’s first major ‘cyber hurricane’.
• Third-party risk aggregation management.
• Understanding the human drivers behind cybercrime.