An in-depth guide to hot works safety: How to identify and address the key challenges organisations could face

Hot works describes any process that involves the use of open flames or the local application of heat and friction. One thing that all hot works processes - from welding and soldering to grinding and torch cutting - have in common is the potential to create serious fire risk. Many types of construction or maintenance projects may involve hot works, with roofing one of the most common examples.

Zurich's claims data reveals that 15% of all fires in commercial and industrial properties are caused by hot works. In this whitepaper, we discuss the best ways for organisations to manage risks associated with hot works - from the initial process of selecting a contractor right through to the project's final stages.

Topics covered:
• What to do before hot works begin.
• Hot works insurance considerations.
• Establishing a hot works permit system.
• Monitoring ongoing hot works.
• Preparing for an emergency.