The FloodFlash Commercial Risk Report 2021

Britain represents one of the most advanced insurance markets in the world. Unfortunately, when it comes to floods there are many people that can’t get effective, affordable cover. Businesses are perhaps the biggest group to miss out because they don’t benefit from Flood Re, the joint initiative between insurers and the government. Very little is known about the threat that flooding poses to businesses in Britain. The majority of research and reporting focuses on homeowners.

However, Business in the Community estimates 40% of small businesses close for good after a catastrophic loss from flooding.

To find out more about commercial flood risk in Britain, FloodFlash conducted in-depth research and analysis.

This report provides an expert guide to commercial flood risk and the threat that flooding poses to businesses in Britain.

Topics covered include:
• How many businesses are at risk.
• Breakdown of peril.
• What types of businesses are at risk.
• Where businesses are at risk.
• What businesses think about flooding.
• The impact of risk on finding insurance.
• The impact of a faster claim
• Putting the right measures in place to protect businesses.