Spotlight application fraud: Ghost busting - email intelligence to help combat application fraud

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The rising problem of insurance application fraud and ghost broking activity is putting the insurance market under significant pressure to improve the robustness of identity validation checks prior to and post policy inception. While application fraud is often the deliberate misstating of data (such as details of previous claims) in the application for a cheaper quote, the more serious concern is the use of stolen or fake identities to buy insurance to sell on to unsuspecting motorists.

The perennial challenge for the insurance market has been in delivering a streamlined, frictionless quote process to customers, while at the same time conducting thorough identity validation checks.

This spotlight focuses on how insurers can leverage email intelligence to help combat application fraud.

Topics covered include:
• The rise of identity theft related crime.
• Application fraud trends within motor insurance.
• Instant email address validation at point of quote.
• The National SIRA database.