The future of claims processing is here ... are you ready?

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Today’s insurance consumers demand a customer experience (CX) that mirrors the convenience and immediacy of online retailing. That experience requires a seasoned claims adjuster — but experienced resources in this area are rapidly vanishing.

It’s a problem known as “the greying of the insurance industry.” Insurance Journal estimates that half of the workers in the insurance industry will retire by 2025.

As the level of experience diminishes, so does the quality of the claims decisions being made. Shortcuts are taken, fraud goes undetected, and investigations are overlooked -- all leading to insurers paying out more in claims than they should.

So, what steps can insurers take that will institutionalise the decades of business knowledge racing towards the retirement door, provide a frictionless customer experience, and stem the tide of increasing claims related expenses?

Designed for insurance claims executives and claims decision makers looking to improve the claims process, this whitepaper explores how insurance companies can leverage modern content services, automation and AI, to achieve:

•    Significant cost savings.
•    Efficiency gains.
•    Increased customer loyalty.