Elevating the customer claims experience with generative AI

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The claims process represents a moment of truth for both customers and their insurers, with customers experiencing the true value of their insurer’s service in what is often a time of vulnerability.

For insurers, the claims process is often the ‘make or break’ touchpoint for customer retention and attrition, depending on the customer’s satisfaction of the experience. As a result, insurers must innovate to keep up with evolving customer expectations.

This content considers how generative AI can improve insurance customer experience within the claims process, by providing a faster, more personalised service.

Topics covered:
• Make or break - the importance of customer experience.
• What do customers want from the claims process?
• Consumer Duty: a new era.
• Support your customers through technology.
• Generative AI: the silver bullet or piece of the puzzle?
• Using generative AI to support sustainable claims.
• The importance of data ethics.
• Elevating the claims process.
• Getting started on the claims transformation journey.