Webinar: What does ADAS mean for insurers?

There continues to be much chatter and speculation about the shape of vehicle automation and its impact on the UK motor insurance market. Following an in depth research project in conjunction with National Windscreens, Post is delighted to bring you this webinar which dissects some of the results/insights and puts ADAS technologies under the spotlight.

Featuring speakers from Aviva, Axa, RSA and National Windscreens, this webinar focuses on what ADAS means for UK insurers.

Topics covered:
• The penetration of ADAS presently - and where the market is likely to be in the next few years.
• Whether insurers have a good handle on the percentage of vehicles they insure that have ADAS technologies.
• What benefits ADAS technologies bring for insurers, including reducing accidents; and the impact it will have on premiums.
• Whether it has a role to play in the ongoing discussion on whiplash reforms and compensation culture.
• What kind of collaboration is needed between insurers, manufacturers and repairers to make sure ADAS technologies fulfil their potential.
• Who should pay in the event of ADAS technologies needing recalibration?
• How fit for purpose is the current ADAS Code of Practice and how should it be policed?