Webinar: Don't forget the data - why digital transformation alone won’t help you improve your CX

“Digital transformation” has certainly been an on-trend phrase for many years now, with insurers investing fortunes in improving their customer experience across the policy lifecycle from the sale to claim/renewal.

However, there are many with concerns that if done in isolation, without carrying out a data transformation as well, insurance companies might not get to reap the full benefits of their digital evolution.

In this webinar, an expert panel discuss the need to align digital and data when scoping out your transformation project.

Topics covered include:
• What data do these new digital experiences need to generate in order to delight customers and optimise their experience?
• How are insurance businesses looking to refine these user journeys based on the new data gathered?
• What silos need to be bridged to make sure that data and digital transformations are done hand-in-hand?
• What should be prioritised to make sure that any digital investment is not wasted?
• What are the benefits of a holistic approach that delivers predictive outcomes?
• What does success look like in terms of data transformation and the key drivers behind such projects?
• How do you qualify/quantify the success of both data and digital transformations?