Putting the I in AI: Enhancing claims decisions with AI and analytics

Many years ago, claims handling was mostly a manual process with a few basic rules. Simply assigning claims to the right person involved a very manual, trying process. It was time consuming and ultimately frustrating for the consumer.

Fast forward to today. When you have a complex claim, an automated process can help ensure it gets where it needs to as quickly as possible. If a claim has some fraudulent indicators, for example, it needs to be escalated appropriately and efficiently. Today’s technology enables that, with loss adjustment and satisfaction of customers two key areas where AI can help evolve the claims process.

There’s no doubt that automating customer touchpoints can cause friction, however it’s clear that the right technologies implemented the right way can help ease some long-lived pain points.

This eBook focuses on the steps insurers can take to successfully implement AI and make end-to-end touchless claims handling a reality.

Topics covered:
• Use cases for claims handlers.
• Some best practices for adopting AI.
• The challenges presented by AI.
• Incorporating AI and key benefits.
• Where do carriers begin on their AI journey?