Pragmatic AI for insurance

Insurance companies have a long history of using analytics, but the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has taken this to a new level. Across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, there is both a new excitement about the potential of AI in insurance, and concerns about how it will affect the industry and those working within it.

In summer 2017, SAS subject matter experts carried out a series of interviews with 100 business leaders across the EMEA region. The aim was to understand the state of readiness for AI.

This whitepaper focuses on what the future will look like for insurance, as AI becomes more ubiquitous and how AI is likely to be used by insurers in specific areas.

Topics covered include:
• Assessing the impact of AI.
• AI readiness and current state of play.
• Re-imaging the customer experience.
• The role of chatbots.
• The impact of machine learning on claims processing.
• Disrupting risk management.