Insurance customer relationships: Making a great first impression

We are entering a new era of working and living which represents expansive opportunities for digital transformation, but we must not forget the value gained from human contact. The pandemic has seen businesses having to evolve and adapt as their customers spend more time at home, many of whom have embraced the digital environment as their means of interacting, working and purchasing.

In the digital world of insurance, how can insurers and brokers create meaningful connections, generate engagement and build long lasting customer relationships when customer expectations of speed, personalisation and convenience continue to become ever more sophisticated?

This content focuses on how onboarding sets the tone of insurance customer relationships, top tips for creating a positive first impression and how technology can be used to complement human contact.

Topics covered include:
• Living, working and buying - how did they change?
• Driving more value during the customer journey.
• How an appropriate onboarding process mitigates the risk of fraud.
• The three pillars of effective onboarding.