The case for natural language processing and artificial intelligence within insurance

Insurance companies today are under unprecedented customer pressure to process real world inputs faster, cost-effectively, and intelligently. Customers expect insurers, like retailers, to remember their choices, use their data effectively and respond to queries quickly.

Insurers have put effort and invested in using analytics to make better decisions and automate manual processing, but there has been limited emphasis on the upstream challenge of converting unstructured data to structured data, and extracting usable insights for better decision making.

The emergence of natural language processing, a field of artificial intelligence (AI) can be a game changer for insurers as they look to address this challenge.

This content focuses on how insurers can make use of NLP to transform manual processes and analyse large volumes of unstructured data.

Topics covered:
• The insurance enterprise operational canvas.
• The case for natural language processing in insurance.
• The case for AI-driven data ingestion.
• Moving up the curve with AI-powered automated data.
• Tracking advances in NLP techniques.