Managing Deductibles and Programmes

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Managing Deductibles and Programmes

From grape to glass: Managing wine risk

Wine is big business. Volatile weather can pose big risks to winemakers and threaten their yield. This article explains how insurance coverage is evolving to meet the needs of today’s winegrowers and collectors, plus the steps winemakers can take to mitigate the risks associated with production.

Realising the benefits of global programs

This article focuses on the benefits of global insurance programs for multinational clients. Topics covered include: aggregating individual country risk globally; supporting more effective enterprise risk management; providing risk managers with greater control over how claims are managed.

Analysing flood events to build back better

Floods remain highly destructive and are expected to become even more frequent and intense. AXA XL has partnered with the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies to examine over 100 catastrophes. This article sheds light on the research project and the role played by re/insurance solutions.

In-depth - Sport & leisure: Good sport

Sports clubs and venues can face a wide range of risks, from minor accidents through to abuse claims. This article sheds light on the various risks and how brokers can support sports clubs and venues when it comes to putting the right cover and risk management in place.