Managing Deductibles and Programmes

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Managing Deductibles and Programmes

Operational risks and Covid-19

As businesses move to reopen, resuming direct contact with customers and between employees, risks are exacerbated for both employees and customers. This article focuses on how businesses can evaluate and manage operational risks associated with Covid-19, including the risks to workers and customers.

Cyber threat intelligence analysis

This publication provides an overview of the findings and key takeaways from the cyber threat landscape analysis across all reports produced for AXA XL in Q1 2020 in partnership with Accenture. Topics covered: current cyber threat landscape; key vulnerabilities; lessons learned from cyber claims.

AXA's Ocean Risk Initiative

As the ocean warms, becomes more acidic and is increasingly strewn with plastics and other pollutants, the implications for the global economy and our physical wellbeing will be vast and potentially irreversible. This article sheds light on AXA’s ambitious and multi-faceted Ocean Risk Initiative.