ITS - Telematics Solutions

ITS - Telematics Solutions (ITS) was established in 2014 to serve the emerging telematics and insurance industry.

The company provides both an end-to-end telematics solution and agnostic device management to enhance a business’ telematics proposition.

ITS’ cutting-edge platform has been developed to offer a market-leading solution to manage telematics data. This includes first notification of loss, claims management, driver intervention, validation & fraud and risk and driver scoring.

Adopting the latest machine learning and AI technology to deliver cutting-edge telematics insight, the ITS platform can lead to cost savings. Businesses, from the fleet, automotive or insurance sectors, using this technology can be provided with tailor-made telematics solutions.

All are provided with both an end-to-end telematics solution and agnostic device management to enhance current telematics propositions. This is delivered by the ITS Hub.

The first of its kind, the ITS Hub has been developed as a concept over a number of years before being built over the last 12 months. Now fully tested and available it will allow any organisations using telematics to ‘plug in’ devices from multiple providers.

Converting the data, it can not only make it universal but also tailor the data to each business’ specific need, from one operating system. Furthermore, the Hub has been developed to allow integration to be quick and simple, meaning companies can sync thousands of devices in a matter of days.

ITS offers a range of pricing models tailored to suit all requirements, whether that be on an annual or monthly subscription basis.

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