Airmic is a members' association supporting those responsible for risk management and insurance within their own companies. We have just over 1000 individual members who represent over 450 companies.

Airmic provides research, training, networking, lobbying and market information for the benefit of members. We hold over forty events per year for our members, including our annual conference for over six hundred delegates.



Broker tender guide 2015

Choosing an insurance broker is an important decision in the purchase of insurance. Designed for insurance buyers, this guide is designed to offer advice on the process of running a tender for services and negotiating a contract with a broker.

Defining and managing reputation risk

This guide provides a framework for understanding and managing the reputation risk within an organisation, highlighting where reputation can be tracked financially. The objective of the guide is to enable risk managers to lead an organisation’s approach to reputational risk management.

The changing world of risk

This guide provides guidance on how to ensure risk management is evolving in your company, using Tomorrow’s Risk Leadership, the updated UK Corporate Governance Code and Roads to Resilience. Topics covered: the changing world of risk management, principles of resilience and measuring resilience.