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IT Planning and Management

Ethical AI: A quick-start guide for executives

To unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) both to optimise and even transform organisations, we need to be clear-eyed about the issues we need to manage. This report sheds light on the key AI ethics issues for business and how you can build AI ethics into your organisation.

Blog: Zurich FaceQuote goes from idea to app in weeks

Zurich investigated new ways to promote life insurance adoption across the UK market. This blog post highlights how the FaceQuote app enables Zurich to reach a wider market by offering users a way to interact and get a quote with the technology they engage with every day: the camera on their phone.

Blog: Build innovative insurance products fast

One of the biggest opportunities is the introduction of innovative new insurance products through digital channels, but many insurers say they lack an achievable plan to carry out a successful digital transformation. This blog highlights how insurers can leverage adjacent product innovation.