Intermediary and Broker support

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Intermediary and Broker support

Insurtech Partnerships - Archipelago Insurance

In this video, Archipelago Insurance Co-founder and MD Richard Coleman talks about what it's like for an insurtech startup to work with ARAG and the various legal expenses and emergency assistance products provided to Archipelago's policyholders.

In-depth - Sport & leisure: Good sport

Sports clubs and venues can face a wide range of risks, from minor accidents through to abuse claims. This article sheds light on the various risks and how brokers can support sports clubs and venues when it comes to putting the right cover and risk management in place.

Video case study: Escape of water claims

In this video, Vanessa Millar, claims relationship manager at Aviva discusses how her team can support clients when it comes to escape of water claims by looking at claims MI data, and working closely with their risk prevention colleagues to implement strategies which help to avoid future losses.

Digital Broker Annual Report 2019

Based on input from 850 independent brokers, this report sheds light on the findings from the fourth annual Applied Digital Broker Survey. The report examines technology use within the broking space, five core competencies of a digital broker and why becoming a digital broker matters.

Works of art: A shame to throw it away

What happens when a work of art gets damaged? Benedetta Brandi, Marketing & Communication Manager, AXA Art provides specific examples of works of art that have been damaged and the factors that determine whether a work of art can be restored or instead become classified as "Totaled".