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Insurance Hound's Video Channel brings you the latest news, insights and product innovations shaping the industry's future.

Video: ARAG - Double-digit growth for 2015

In this video, watch Tony Buss, ARAG’s Managing Director, presenting 12% growth in premium under management for 2015, its ninth full year of trading. Its Gross Written Premium (GWP) under management has increased from £39.6m in 2014 to £44.3m in 2015, generating a pre-tax profit of £2.7 million.

Video: ADAS explained

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, which support many different safety features such as autonomous braking and lane departure warnings to reduce the risk of collisions, are now a standard feature in many new cars. Download this video to find out more about the main features of ADAS.

Video: What is ADAS?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are technologies developed to automate, adapt or enhance vehicle systems for safety and better driving. This video highlights how safety features are designed to avoid collisions and accidents.

Video: Power hour - motor trade

In this video, specialist motor trade brokers meet up with Allianz to discuss how technology is changing the motor trade market and share their views on the challenges facing the sector.

Video: A new approach to handling flood claims

This video focuses on how Claims Consortium Group helped customers following the devastation caused by the Cumbria floods and how two new initiatives have brought about a steep change in customer satisfaction while controlling costs, with a reduction of the overall claims lifecycle.

Video: Improving access to justice

The FCA’s review into add-ons has pushed legal expenses insurance into the spotlight. In this video, Post's Katie Marriner joins Arag’s Tony Buss and Higos' Ian Gosden to find out what the future holds for legal expenses insurance and what makes a firm stand out in terms of broker service.