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Brexit or Bremain?

On 23 June, the British public will vote on whether the UK should remain in the European Union. With business sentiment still divided, this StrategicRISK News Analysis explores the quantifiable risks attached to either outcome.

Indirect taxation on insurance contracts in Europe

This publication assesses indirect taxation on insurance contracts in Europe, with a full survey of rules, tariffs and regulations in European markets. It provides an overview of the taxes applicable to insurance premiums, as well as the various declaration and payment procedures in most states.

Internal models: A reinsurance perspective

Published by Insurance Europe's Reinsurance Advisory Board, this report focuses on the use of internal models by reinsurers. Topics covered: history and experience of internal model use by reinsurers; benefits of using internal models for prudential purposes; the future for internal model use.

Global catastrophe recap: March 2016

Aon's latest catastrophe report studies the economic impact of hurricane-force winds and flooding in northern Europe, thunderstorms and heavy rain in China, plus severe weather in the United States where insured losses totalled USD2.0 billion.