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Case study: FBL Financial Group

FBL Financial Group's P&C reinsurance program had grown and evolved over the years. Calculating reinsurance results and back-end reporting became increasingly complex and a time drain. This case study explains how FBL Financial Group streamlined P&C reinsurance with Duck Creek Reinsurance.

Case study: QBE Insurance

QBE is a global company with divisions operating in multiple currencies and separated processes around reinsurance. At a Group level, QBE has a ceded reinsurance program that can be operationally complex. Read this case study to learn how QBE centralised and modernised its reinsurance activities.

AI in insurance: Potential risks and benefits

As insurers strive to stay ahead of fraudsters, artificial intelligence is emerging as a formidable weapon. This content sheds light on the profound impact AI is having on the insurance industry, leveraging AI for accurate risk assessment and fraud detection, as well as AI risks for insurers.

Case study: Regional property insurer

This case study explores how a regional property insurer’s partnership with LTIMindtree and Duck Creek led to the launch of a direct-to-consumer channel for personal lines homeowners’ products, allowing for a true multi-channel experience for their customers.