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IT Services

Raising the IT security bar

In this fast-changing world of security threats, the need to raise the bar by enhancing our ability to detect and prevent malicious code `breaking through' the network - has never been greater. But how do you tackle the process in an IT department? Idappcom's CEO Ray Bryant provides some thoughts.

5 Steps to Getting Your Business in the Cloud

2011 is being billed as the ‘year of the cloud’ and cloud computing is predicted to boost the EU economy over the next 5 years by £645 billion, with the UK and Germany as the biggest beneficiaries of this growth. Other reports say that cloud is moving faster than any other ‘next big thing’, will be…

Expense Reduction Analysts - A guide to reducing IT costs

With each decade since the 1980's, when IT systems began to take real traction across business, IT has developed and transitioned its role within the organisation. Gradually, but increasingly, it has become a business critical function with Boardroom-level influence and the power to not only manage…

Is your use of SharePoint business critical?

Many financial services organisations are putting their revenue, reputation and operational performance at risk by overlooking SharePoint support. Supporting a SharePoint service has become increasingly essential as businesses continue to rely on SharePoint to manage business-critical processes.