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IT Products and Reviews

The future-ready insurer

Market forces are driving insurers to evolve faster than ever before. This eBook explores how low-code-driven SaaS core systems, which are purpose-built to solve insurance-specific use cases give insurers the speed and agility required to meet ever-changing market requirements.

The future of insurance FP&A: Unleash the potential

The severe disruption caused by Covid-19 has placed extreme pressure on financial planning functions to come up with a new approach towards financial planning and performance management. This content focuses on why insurers need to transform their FP&A functions and how this can be achieved.

A view on the future of insurance fraud analytics

Now is the time for insurance companies to revolutionise their fraud analytics capabilities. Download this content to find out how insurers can leverage artificial intelligence to serve honest customers exceptionally fast, while instantaneously flagging bad risks for further investigation.