Video: Getting to grips with cyber - What do you need to know?

For all the talk of how big a risk cyber is, what actually defines a cyber-attack and how is that definition shifting and evolving? At our recent Cyber Virtual Summit, an expert panel discussed what brokers and their clients need to know.

Topics covered:
• Distinguishing between the different types of cyber-attack – identifying their particular characteristics, challenges, and determining which is a biggest risk to specific clients.
• Examining case studies of various type of attack in order to determine how different types of attack affect pre-planning and preparation.
• Assessing which types of cyber-attack are becoming more prevalent, and what you need to be aware of moving forward?
• Digging into how we understand, measure and quantify cyber risk, for a comprehensive understanding of the current and emerging challenges.
• Identifying different cyber insurance products that are appropriate for different types of risk, whilst looking at developing the best possible proposition for you customer.
• What are the future trends for types of cyber-attack, and what does this mean for achieving a best-in-class cyber insurance offering?

• Jonathan Swift, Content Director, Insurance Post, Insurance Age.

• Andrew Jenkins, Operations Director, Russell Scanlan.
• Alastair Murray, Cyber Expert, The Bureau.
• Danielle Meldrum, Head of Product Development, Commercial Lines UKGI, Aviva.
• Ian Bird, Director, Solutions Architects Europe, Middle East & Africa, Cyence.