The Association of British Insurers (ABI) is the trade body for insurance companies in the UK. The Association has around 400 companies in membership. Between them, they provide around 90% of domestic insurance services sold in the UK. ABI member companies also account for almost 15 per cent of investments in the London stock market. The ABI’s policy work is organised around four main policy departments: General Insurance; Life and Pensions; Financial Regulation and Taxation and Investment Affairs. In addition, the ABI has an expert Research and Statistics Department, and represents the insurance industry to external audiences through its Media and Political Affairs and European and International teams.

ABI briefing: Personal injury fraud

Reform to the regulatory landscape covering the personal injury compensation system hasn’t addressed the underlying cause of claims, the UK’s compensation culture. This briefing studies the impact of fraud upon motor premiums, industry efforts to tackle insurance fraud and the activities of CMCs.

How data makes insurance work better for you

This paper focuses on how insurance consumers can reap the benefits of the digital revolution and big data to achieve improved consumer service. Topics covered include: bespoke solutions; getting the right price; making the right decision to minimise risks; improving the claims process.