Target Group

We deliver software and business process outsourcing solutions to the financial services industry for loans and mortgages, insurance and investments.

Over 50 major financial institutions across the UK, Australia and New Zealand rely on us to manage their lending, investment and insurance portfolios. Over £25bn of assets are serviced on our systems with over 3 million accounts under management. We employ over 500 staff across 9 offices and have over 35 years' experience.

Our industry is constantly evolving- addressing new innovation, bringing new products to market quickly and staying ahead of the competition are all key business challenges. We enable our insurance software clients to operate efficiently, with a service that has quality at its core.

The four D's of insurance

Only 20% of insurers consistently bring their new products and services to market quickly enough to keep pace with market change. Based on input from 100 marketing professionals within the insurance industry, this paper focuses on the innovation wave and the four D's shaping the industry's future.