World Insurance Report 2020

From Millennials and Gen Xers to Boomers, more and more individuals are bypassing traditional methods and using digital channels for their day-to-day transactions, including insurance research and policy purchase. As they are accustomed to superior customer experience from BigTech firms and product manufacturers, they are also seeing them as an option for their insurance needs.

The current social distancing measures brought on by Covid-19 will only accelerate this trend.

Against this backdrop, the World Insurance Report 2020 explores the changing trust equation between insurers and customers, and how insurance companies can use hyper-personalisation to address it.

Topics covered include:
• Almost everyone is digital.
• The new trust equation for insurance consumers.
• The shift towards hyper-personalised, experience led customer engagement.
• Are insurers delivering what policyholders want?
• The importance of super-charged, real-time data for insurers.
• The inventive insurer’s playbook.