App FAQs

Getting Started

What devices does the app support?

The app is available for iPhone and iPad devices running iOS7+, and Android phones and tablets on version 4.0.0+. You can also view the app via all modern browsers, you can view broking, technology or claims content. Will link these

I am an member, will my login work for the app?

Yes, use the same username and password to gain access to the app. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it here.

I am not an InsuranceHound member, how can I access the papers?

Simply register for free here. Once you have confirmed your account, use the login details to gain access to the app.

Choosing Content

Can I select more than one option when choosing the content I want to view?

Not at the moment, no. You will need to choose the area most relevant to you - Broking, Claims or Technology. You can switch between these, but in order to do so you will need to clear your app data - deleting any downloaded papers from your device. We are looking to improve this functionality.

When I first opened the app I chose the content I wanted to see, how can I choose another option?

Switching to another option will remove downloaded papers from your device. If you need to switch you can do so by tapping the settings icon and then tapping the ‘Clear app data’ button. This will return you to the first screen to select your content.

Using the app

I can’t find the paper I am looking for.

Not all of our papers are included in the app, if there is something you can not find then please check our website instead.

How do I delete a downloaded paper?

To delete a paper, hold your finger down on the cover, a box will popup asking if you want to archive the paper. Tap ‘Archive’ and then click ’Archive’ again on the next popup to confirm.

Can I automatically delete papers I haven’t read in a while?

Yes. Tap on the settings icon and you will see a section titled ‘Automatic archiving’, here you can select the amount of time allowed before a paper is deleted from your device.

How can I view just my downloaded papers?

Click on the icon in the top left of your screen to open the menu, tap ‘Downloaded’. To return to all papers, tap the icon again and select ‘All Issues’.

What is the scrapbook function?

The scrapbook allows you to save pages for future reference. Simply add a page to the scrapbook whilst you are reading through the paper, then visit your Scrapbook to view them later.

How can I turn off automatic downloads?

Papers will only automatically download if you are connected to WiFi, if you would like to disable this feature then tap on the settings icon, and tap the switch under ‘Automatic downloads’

I’m not sure how to use the app.

You can launch help screens within the app by tapping the settings icon and then ‘More help’.

Further Help

If you are experiencing problems we recommend force closing the application and re-opening.

You should also check that you do not have an update pending in the store.

This will usually be enough to resolve any problems.

If this does not solve your problem then please contact us, include details of the problem as well as your device model and operating system. (eg. iPad 3rd Gen, iOS 8)