Broker Apprentice Episode 3: Risk assessing a West End property

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In a new task for the series, the apprentices tackle a site visit - how will they fare? In this third episode of the Broker Apprentice 2014, teams Bro Kode and Innovate have to carry out a risk assessment of a commercial property in the heart of London's West End.

Armed with the Zurich 'What if?' risk grading app and aided by the practice leader for risk engineering at Zurich, Duncan Calder, the apprentices were asked to inspect the building from the basement to the roof, and everything in-between.

But which team will be the most eagle-eyed when it comes to spotting fire hazards and other potential property risks?

And when both teams have entered their assessment scores into the app, which team will be closest to the model score for the building in terms of its desirability as an insurance risk?