Property damage and business interruption benchmarking report 2012

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This is the third property damage and business Interruption benchmarking survey Airmic has conducted. It follows surveys in 2009 and 2011. The 2012 survey focuses on activities of risk and insurance managers to deliver the optimum PDBI insurance programme.

The findings of the 2012 survey enable risk managers to compare their PDBI insurance accountabilities, activities, programme and view of market developments against their peers. The survey results offer a more insightful list of topics than the 2011 survey and all responses have been analysed and included in this comprehensive report. Some of the questioning has been maintained from earlier surveys in order to identify change from one year to the next, although this year the survey focuses on Airmic members' experience of delivering a PDBI programme to their organisations.

The survey was distributed by email to over 900 Airmic members representing some 450 organisations. In total 136 individuals partially completed the survey from 132 organisations.