More than a score: How to push the boundaries of ratings and reviews

Customers don't trust brands, customers trust customers

That's a fact of modern business. It's why collecting and displaying a high volume of ratings and reviews is so effective. Showing consumers the opinions of ‘people like them' makes them 77% more likely to buy if they've been collected and displayed by an independent third party (FlyResearch, November 2014).

However, simply having verified reviews won't set you apart - it's when you use the content throughout every aspect of your business that you see real transformation. It works both ways; your customers can trust the reviews before buying, and you can trust the sentiments within to improve your business. If you want to become customer-focused, it's time to listen to the customer.

This ebook pinpoints eight facets of your business you can enhance by using a source of data you might be underestimating: consumer reviews of your products and service.