The importance of online reputation for SMEs

All businesses have an online reputation; even if they don't fully utilise the internet. A study into consumers' online behaviour reveals that 81% of shoppers research online before buying, but 39% of SMEs don't check their social media presence. In addition to this, a negative online review has been found to change 80% of shoppers' minds, illustrating how big an asset a company's online reputation can be.

According to Zurich's latest SME Risk Index survey, businesses are as concerned with online reputational risk as they are cyber attacks. The survey shows that the management of online perception is seen as crucial in the present climate.

This article sheds light on the key findings from Zurich's survey.

Topics covered:
• Improving an online footprint.
• The importance of managing social media accounts.
• Why social media engagement can encourage customers to recommend your brand to friends and family.