Breaking down the insurance silos

Insurers that cannot model business scenarios quickly and accurately to allow them to plan effectively for the future will increasingly struggle in what is a fast moving, complex, and highly competitive market.

To date, most have failed to find the business modelling and planning tools that let them do this, and so they have found it difficult to adapt their operations to be in line with changing market forces and trading environments.

In part, this is due to the complex nature of insurance companies and the market challenges they face. In part, it is because until recently the business modelling and planning tools were simply not capable of delivering what insurers wanted and needed.

This whitepaper studies how improved technologies offer insurers the ability to intricately model across complex, multi-national organisations in real-time. In turn, this gives these large organisations the ability to be more agile than ever before and to better position themselves to improve future performance.

Topics covered:

- Improving performance through increased collaboration.

- Complex companies.

- Market challenges.

- Insurance case studies: Aviva, Lloyd's and Prudential.

- Training and roll out.