Generali case study: Project Xcalibur

Generali Group is a leading player in the global insurance and financial markets and one of Europe's largest insurance providers. Generali's UK Branch provides specialist risk knowledge and integrated insurance solutions for large corporate and multinational clients.

In 2009, Generali UK embarked on a transformation of its systems. The mission: to dramatically enhance its operational effectiveness. This cascaded into a number of key objectives:

1) Reduce Operational risk - by addressing the potential risk caused by an ageing system, supported by a diminishing pool of skills.

2) Increase transparency - by improving the ability to see what was going on across the business.

3) Drive greater control - by enhancing the ability to manage and direct the business in an effective way.

4) Provide insight and accuracy - by creating a data foundation with the business tools to report on, and interrogate, business information.

Generali selected Agencyport as an integral part of a project entitled Xcalibur. This case study analyses project Xcalibur, the data challenges faced and the implications for mission critical technology, data analysis, product developments and synergy. Following the implementation of the two year project, Generali now belongs to an active user community consisting of Hiscox, Travelers, Aegis, Ironshore and Omega.