Cyber security: Using threat intelligence to protect and enhance business operations

Having a set of library books does not make you a doctor

In recent years, many businesses have taken steps to acquire information which could inform them about the threats they face, but now find themselves unable to cope with and process the sheer volume of information they are receiving. Ironically, some of these businesses subsequently suffer from cyber attacks, for which they could have been pre-warned and protected, had they been able to interpret and action the threat information which was actually already in their possession.

In this whitepaper, we will discuss ways in which organisations can tackle this problem, and will outline an optimised workflow which enables the existing analyst resources in an organisation to turn threat intelligence information into defensive power that protects a business.

Topics covered:
• What is threat intelligence?
• Optimising the processing of threat information and leveraging of threat intelligence.
• Application of threat intelligence.
• Five step optimised workflow to ensure protection.