Underinsurance in the commercial market: What does it mean for businesses?

Aviva has launched a guide to help businesses understand the cost implications of not having the right amount of insurance and explain some of the times in the life of a business when the insurance needs might have changed and need reviewing.

Aviva’s SME Pulse earlier this year found 1 in 5 SMEs were not confident that they have the right insurance cover and that’s a situation that could leave them out of pocket. For example, looking at a sample of clients where underinsurance was identified Aviva’s survey team found 177 cases where customers had been underinsured on average.

Download this guide to find out more.

Topics covered:
•    What is underinsurance?
•    What does it mean if I’m underinsured?
•    How big is the problem?
•    Case study examples.
•    How do I know if I’m underinsured?
•    What is business interruption insurance?