Tracing employers’ liability insurers: Historical policies

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In this paper, the FSA makes proposals to help former employees who have work-related illnesses to trace their employers' liability (EL) insurer. This can be difficult as many years may have passed since individuals have left the employment where they contracted the illness, causing significant detriment to these consumers.

There have been a number of measures initiated by us, the industry and government to help people who find themselves unable to trace insurers, but these mainly relate to insurance policies in recent periods. Our proposals require all firms who may have actual or potential EL insurance claims to conduct effective searches of their records when they receive a request from claimants or other third parties regardless of the period they relate to.

The FSA's proposals will be of interest to:

- Consumers and their representatives.
- UK authorised firms or EEA firms passporting into the UK that are carrying out contracts of insurance.
- Managing agents.
- Those providing tracing services to consumers.