The risks of exporting for SMEs

Exporting might have been difficult for small businesses in the past but the widespread global use of new technology for communications and online trading/distribution, along with an increasingly service led economy is making it easier for SMEs of any size and shape to export and meet the demands of new markets.

These trends are building momentum and encouraging SMEs to enter a broader range of markets and tap into potential new revenue streams that will secure their future. New markets and new revenue streams can however alter the existing risk profile of a business and expose them to new commercial threats and liabilities.

This whitepaper focuses on why it is essential for SMEs to assess and understand their changing risk profiles so that they can mitigate, manage and insure any potential new risks.

Topics covered:
• How exporting is changing.
• Professional services exporting and online talent exchanges.
• Risk and insurance considerations.
• Zurich and international exposures.