High net worth claims

As the top tier of wealthy individuals gets larger, there is growing competition to design and underwrite HNW insurance. Policies in this market offer highly differentiated levels of cover compared with the mainstream sector and the dynamics of a successful and sustainable HNW proposition are therefore very different. At first glance a growing HNW sector that commands higher average premiums is very enticing, but this does not automatically translate directly into higher margins for a number of reasons.

This whitepaper provides information on how brokers and insurers can serve the needs of HNW clients by providing positive messaging, risk management and claims handling expertise.

Topics covered:
• The importance of high quality staff to meet HNW individuals' needs.
• What does excellent service look like?
• Why higher premiums don't automatically translate directly into higher margins.
• The importance of brokers in the HNW market.
• Positive messaging, risk management and handling claims.