The State of the Broking Nation: Part four - Digitalisation & professionalism

The insurance market is rapidly changing as digital technology presents new ways to reach clients and new ways of working. How well set up is the broking sector to engage with these opportunities and does the digital revolution come with downsides?

In the last instalment of our survey, we report brokers' thoughts on the impact of digitalisation on insurance broking and the drive towards greater professionalism.

Topics covered:
• How will the move to digitalisation impact brokers?
• Will brokers embrace new technologies and platforms to engage with customers and insurers?
• What is the value in social media and social insurance?
• Brokers' views on professionalism, the work of the CII and training staff.
• Views on the recruitment and value of apprentices.
• Have insurers lived up to their promises regarding better deals for chartered brokers?